Case Study



Marukan Vinegar has had more than 370 years of experience creating the world’s finest rice vinegars, but American consumers were initially hesitant, often lacking experience with the product.


Create an integrated marketing program that updated the brand look, challenged consumers to expand their recipes under the direction of trusted chefs and influencers.


Communication scope included digital, print, e-commerce advertising, database marketing, in-store promotions, recipe development, and social media engagement targeting food enthusiasts, professionals, and home cooks.



Marukan achieved the highest dollar and unit sales growth in the U.S. market and led the category with 3x the dollar sales growth and 4x the unit sales growth versus its nearest competitor.

But that’s not all!

With an Instacart search campaign to leverage the explosive growth in online grocery delivery purchases, Marukan’s line of rice vinegars and ponzu sauces are achieving epic sales return on ad spend of more than 1,500%, this is about 4x more than the benchmark return on ad spend performance on Instacart.

Epic’s efforts anchored the Marukan brand as a top choice among Instacart shoppers for rice vinegar.